Paras for blog

From an early age I loved the exquisite sound of the piano, however between the ages of eight to twelve I undertook organ lessons. My love for the keyboard became a seed in my heart that would take almost three decades before it began to germinate.

We purchased a baby grand piano in 2011 as my husband Paul encouraged me to pursue that childhood passion of mine.

Shortly after, we had the privilege of hosting Lord Christopher Monckton at our home.  Much to my surprise, he inspired me to play my piano with a deeper passion as he led by example with an incredible display of talent and a brilliant command of the keyboard.

Not long after, this renewed inspiration was coupled by my husband’s suggestion to compose my own pieces rather than playing the beautiful simple pieces written by famous composers.

Initially I laughed at the thought of such a preposterous idea however that very same evening my first piece was composed!

During the creation of my third album Beauty for Ashes in 2017, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer that required a mastectomy.  I remember smiling as the surgeons wheeled me into theatre knowing that I was in the protective hands of God and that everything is in His sovereign control.  He instilled a peace that surpassed all understanding.

However, five months later my dear husband passed away suddenly.  Amidst my grief, the Lord gave me peace and comfort in my heart knowing that Paul is with Him.

It was at this time though that I lost the desire to create music, until a dear friend of mine, who was a Disability Support Worker, sent me a video of the youth and adults she cared for urging me to continue writing music since the CDs had greatly touched them.  I knew then that the Lord wanted me to continue… Not long after, the Mercy album was created and my prayers were answered when Tullia, the violinist, joined me to record the album.

My album Beauty for Ashes was released on our wedding anniversary in 2018, in honour of Paul, and as a reminder that God will give us beauty for ashes especially when situations look bleak and tribulations take their toll.  There is always hope when new life is resurrected.

I sincerely hope the music and poetry encourages and edifies the soul, since many times it’s during our brokenness and pain that they flow from within.  God bless.

“My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”  Psalm 45:1

With love,

Paras Bovolos