Dogs are marvellous creations

And perfect in all their ways,

And although their life span is very short

They enrich our every day.

Dog is god spelt backwards

And the resemblance is easy to see,

Since their characteristics are god-like

And can be a lesson to you and me.

They’re loyal, sweet and loving

And they have an unconditional love…

They would lay down their lives for us

And their playfulness is never enough.

Although they cannot speak

They communicate with their eyes,

And their silence is loud indeed

They’re clever and very wise.

They guard and protect us

And always give a warning,

Of potential intruders or thieves indeed

And they greet us with licks each morning.

A dog is man’s best friend

And it’s plain and clear to see;

They’re attentive, smart and teachable

And all they’re created to be.

Although their life span is short

We can all learn so much,

And the memories they create will always stay

Along with their tender touch.

Be very aware if a dog doesn’t like

A particular person indeed,

Since they’re sensitive to the spiritual realm

And can see what we can’t see.

They’re a treasured gift from God

And they are unlike any other;

Created to be a comfort indeed

It’s so easy to be a dog lover.

They’re an epitome of love wrapped in fluff

And they always give us more;

Let’s rejoice for being blessed with them

As they are certainly to be adored.

(C) P.B. 2019

Thank you God for the gift of dogs in our lives.