It’s as real as the air we breathe

And it is God’s precious promise;

It’s the New Jerusalem and its eternity

Where it comprises bliss.

It’s entered in by undeserved favor

And solely by God’s grace;

We are purchased at a dear price

Having run the race of faith.

It’s pristine and clear as crystal

And everything is so pure…

Streets of gold, colors of gems

With all sickness and disease cured.

Glorious light emanates from the Father

Who created us miraculously,

As we’re perfectly reconciled to Him

With vast treasures the eye can see.

Angels and their precious voices

Worshipping Him all day;

Saints washed by the blood of Christ

And pure in every way.

Jasper, topaz, beryl and sapphire

And all colors of the rainbow…

Names that are written in the Book of Life

Along with treasures He bestows.

Trees of fruit that yield forever

With the epitome of peace…

Glorified bodies gracing the kingdom

Where blessings never cease.

No more tears, no more sorrows

And no more hunger nor any pains,

As the former things have passed away

And where love and joy remains.

The Bride of Christ is prepared

Through humility and repentance,

And presented to God as spotless

When on the Lord she had placed dependence.

God’s reward is with Him

To give all according to our labour,

And blessed are those who keep His commands

And sanctified for eternal favor.

(C) P.B. 2020