Why do we exist today

In a world full of confusion,

Where every mind it battles thoughts

Which some end in delusion?

And how did all of life begin

From a seed into a flower;

The cells and structure so complete

Full of wisdom made with power?

The mind deceived to believe

That mankind came from apes;

Our conscience so intense it knows

This theory our soul it rapes.

We are too occupied to discover

The truth of our existence;

The heart so full of stubborn pride

To the truth it is resistant.

To remove the veil from our eyes

Can be so difficult a task,

As our attitudes need to be refined

As our face is covered with mask.

How long can we pretend to be

Good people who dwell forever,

Who take our own path in life

And with God our ties we sever?

How does the soul discover why

This void always remains,

That deep set hole inside the heart

For truth it cries in pain?

And how does love so deep and true

Exist within the soul?

The peace we find so full of joy

As the mystery is told…

Forget the vanities of this life

As all are fleeting pleasures;

This stress to have material gain

To spend on abundant leisures.

Search deeper in your heart to find

The answer in your core,

As it guides you and directs you to

Its creator who shows you more.

Let’s stop to think and meditate

On our simple purpose indeed,

To enjoy true fulfilling fellowship

With our creator whom we all need.

He gave His only Son to us

To die for all our sins;

He exhibited His love so true

To save our soul within.

This man is Jesus Christ our Lord

Who eradicates all confusion,

To reconcile us back to God

Through faith the true conclusion.

And this is why we all exist…

To choose Christ and live forever,

As He receives our eternal soul

Redeemed with love forever.

(C) P.B. 2002

“He who has the Son has life, he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.” John 5:12