Masterpieces by the hand of God

Are miracles indeed;

Where everything has a plan and purpose

Emanating from a seed.

The phenomenal structure of mankind

All organs working in harmony;

Where the intelligent mind is well aware

And God’s creative majesty can see.

The overwhelming beauty

And the scent of a rose;

With a hidden message in its thorn

To use caution if we impose.

The brilliance of a dog’s face

And its perfect features too;

The plethora of love in its soul

With a loyalty sincere and true.

The amazing story of ants

And their ability to provide,

And their brilliant little minds at work

A miracle that cannot be denied.

The brilliance of a giraffe

And the structure of its neck;

We marvel at the woodpecker

Where thousands of times a tree can peck.

The beauty of all flowers

And the wonder of every tree,

And the humble one that provides our food

It’s the spectacular little bee.

The masterpiece of heaven

Where eternal life will dwell,

For those who aren’t ashamed of Christ

Who exchanged their ticket for hell.

Masterpieces galore indeed

In every sphere of creation;

In the population of mankind

Of every tribe and nation.

The most honourable masterpiece

Is Jesus God’s own Son;

A perfect representation

Qualified to save everyone.

But it’s for those who will accept Him

Where their lives are truly changed,

To reflect that they are children of God

Where their old nature will not remain.

Masterpieces and perfection

Only by God’s precious touch,

To reveal His glory but more than that

To show He loves us very much.

(C) P.B. 2020

“Then God said, ‘Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind, cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind’ and it was so.” Genesis 1:24

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”  Psalm 150:6

“Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which having no caption, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.” Proverbs 6:6-8

“I will praise You, for You have answered me, and have become my salvation.  The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone…This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Psalm 118:21-24