When we’re sad and we’re despondent

And surrounded by much gloom,

Let’s pray for one another

To be lifted from all doom.

When life becomes a maze

And our thoughts a tangled mess,

Let’s lift each other up in prayer

To receive from God what’s best.

When the web inside our mind

Becomes a matrix with no end,

Let’s bow our knees in prayer

So heavenly help the Lord will send.

We’re blessed in many ways

And when we count our blessings indeed,

There’s no need to be jealous or covetous

Or for greed our heart to feed.

Imagine those children tormented

Kidnapped and used as slaves;

For sexual exploitation

Where not much hope will remain.

Imagine those in households

Where violence is on the agenda;

Both physical and verbal as well

And much oppression from the offender.

There will always be someone

In a worse situation than us,

And when we look at the bigger picture

In God we learn to trust.

Regardless of circumstances

Let’s encourage one another;

To never give up or quit the race

Whilst we seek our Heavenly Father.

God knows and sees our suffering

And although He understands same,

He can turn situations around for good

When our faith in Him remains.

Never give up and let’s be encouraged

That the worst of storms will pass,

When we’re hidden under God’s shadow indeed

Where all harm can never last.

This life is filled with troubles

And challenges regularly,

But when we trust in God Almighty

His deliverance we always see.

(C) P.B. 2020

Proverbs 12:25

Romans 8:28

Hebrews 12:12