The proof is in the pudding

When the truth is established,

And the evidence is clear

When it’s produced on the dish.

Similarly it will be at the end

When everything will be exposed,

As to whether we are children of God

Of whether it was all for show.

Because the result of the pudding

Is pending a final outcome,

As to whether it’s been baked and cooked

To perfection when it’s done.

We know the delectable experience

When the perfect dessert we taste…

Particularly with cream on top

Where none will go to waste.

There are many counterfeit puddings

Underbaked, burnt or overcooked,

Likewise has our zeal for God been genuine

Or were there things conveniently overlooked.

Our pride will bring us down

As will our inability to accept correction,

As it will retain stubborn strongholds

And it will sink all expectations.

Have we been put through the fire

And have we been tested with trials?

Or have we chosen the sweeter path

And continue to be defiled?

Have we produced fruit

And has our branch been grafted in,

To the One who is life sustaining

And who nourishes within?

The quality is always seen

At the end of a process…

The veracity of a recipe

Where integrity is possessed.

Is there proof in our pudding

And have we had our temperature check,

To see whether the process will produce

A wholeness and Christ reflect?

(C) P.B. 2020

Matthew 7:21-23

Matthew 24:11-12