Cry my gentle soul deeply,

As the compromise enters my core;

The pain as the sliding continues

Back in the world for more.

The glamour and glitz before me

As the scripture learnt slides away;

Pandora’s box and its temptation

Leads my soul to decay.

Was once a flower so dainty

As the words of God covered my heart;

The washing with water so fresh

As I became a work of art.

But my mind overflowed with the past

As my memories longed for the world;

My conceited and selfish ways

In my heart and soul they curled.

The slide was laden with honey

As my system of morals decayed;

My conscience with iron was seared

As I no longer became afraid.

No fear of judgement before me

As my tongue dripped with attitude;

No problem of causing a hassle

My soul full of envy and lewd.

The gate of darkness awaits me

As my lonely soul hungers for hope.

How did my existence so fail,

How did I so fail to cope?

But my Lord is faithful indeed

And forgives as I cry from the heart;

He restores me with His precious word

And allows a brand new start.

(C) P.B. 2004

“Return you backsliding children and I will heal your backslidings.” Jeremiah 3:22