When we understand the quality

And with gratitude we recognise…

There’s an appreciation that’s significant

When one is precious in our eyes.

When one is absent for some time

And there’s a reconciliation;

There’s a thankful attitude that fills our heart

Along with appreciation.

It reminds us to never take for granted

Their loving and caring ways,

And a timely reminder of a life so brief

That sustains our earthly days.

To appreciate someone it may just mean

That their absence is required;

For a moment in time so we realise

That their presence is desired.

To appreciate is to hold in high esteem

With respect and honour too;

It’s to notice the treasures in little things

And the wonderful things they do.

As we appreciate these dear souls

That are sent from God to us,

Let’s remember that we’ll give an account

Those embedded in our trust.

As we’re reunited with loved ones

Following a period of isolation,

Let’s shower them with cuddles

And lots of love without hesitation.

Although one’s absence can be missed

Especially after a time prolonged;

It’s a wakeup call as we remember

That for their affection we have longed.

And as we show appreciation

In particular to our Heavenly Father;

We’ll display love, kindness and faithfulness

As we appreciate one another.

(C) P.B. 2020

James 2:8

1 Corinthians 13:13

1 John 4:19