A crack may represent a problem

In almost every case,

Because a broken fragment will alert us

There’s an issue we need to face.

A crack in a pot

Can be creatively adjusted,

When a mosaic is made into a masterpiece

Where the pot is never wasted.

Cracks in our relationships

Occur from time to time,

When we neglect our responsibilities

And ignore problems in their prime.

Cracks appear in our fallen nature

It’s where inconsistencies they occur,

It reveals our guard has been let down

Where potential hazards we can incur.

But not all cracks are lethal

Since we’re broken many times,

When we grieve at society’s wicked ways

And its many untold crimes.

A crack in the wall

Foundational issues it will reveal,

And similarly unless our doctrine is found in Christ

Our faith cannot be real.

Cracks in cement

Represent movement from beneath,

But if our faith is built on the rock

We will not taste defeat.

We can crack under pressure

Since the warning signs are there,

But when we trust that God is in control

Our burdens He will bear.

A crack in our integrity

Is an early indication,

That we’ve allowed the lies to enter

And to settle without hesitation.

A crack is a warning sign

That re-focus is required,

To rest our weary souls

And to be replenished as desired.

The chief cornerstone

Never showed any cracks indeed,

His foundation is solid, sure and steady

And for our souls He intercedes.

(C) P.B. 2020

Matthew 11:28-29

Matthew 21:42

Proverbs 24:10

Matthew 7:24