Life is beautiful to behold

In every aspect and stage;

From the birth of a child

Until our very final page.

Our birth gives anticipation

Of a life to be well lived,

And the growth of us as toddlers

To our parents is a gift.

We grow to new heights

And as we enter the next chapter;

With memories made during our school years

We mature in mind and stature.

We subsequently fall in love

As we marry our loving spouse,

And we look forward to the next chapter

Making a home inside our house.

And our offspring arrive in due course

Planting a smile on our heart;

This miracle of life indeed

Is a pure work of art.

As we age we appreciate

The tender moments so special and true,

And throughout our struggles we’ve overcome

To forgive and make things new.

Most times life’s direction

Is not one we anticipate;

With unexpected turns indeed

And challenges we face.

But when we’re old and frail

What’s the next chapter in store,

Since our time on earth becomes limited

As we face the forevermore.

Eternity is the longest chapter

And we must ensure we’re ready;

With a solid faith in Jesus Christ

As our hope is sure and steady.

And when that chapter will begin

Our soul will come face to face,

With our Lord and Savior for eternity

Where His love we will embrace.

(C) P.B. 2020

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8