In a calculated move

Life is like a game of chess…

Where every manoeuvre has a mission

With a final quest.

We are mere pawns

And when the enemy of our soul,

Takes advantage we’re certainly all at risk

Where checkmate can unfold.

Are we at a stalemate

With no legal position to play;

Where our conflict has reached an impasse

Where no resolution will stay?

When the King cannot escape

He’s arrested and checkmated;

Defeated and outwitted indeed

Subsequently becoming ill-fated.

The devil thought he had a checkmate

When our King hung on the cross…

But our Victor rose after three days

As the kingdom of darkness suffered great loss.

Our King of kings and Lord of lords

Was never checkmated at all,

Since all victories belong to Him

And now our name He calls.

Are we checkmated with nowhere to run?

Since a swindle cannot succeed

Have we become as stalemate,

When we’re cornered by God indeed?

As the endgame proceeds to checkmate

With a victorious conclusion;

The opponent’s King is thwarted

Conquered and baffled through confusion.

As this simulated war

Eliminates our opponent’s pieces,

Let’s keep a check on our spiritual condition

Before trouble it unleashes.

We’re at the final stages

And the endgame is imminent;

Let’s not be checkmated by our opponent

As we humble ourselves and repent.

(C) P.B. 2020

“Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power.  For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet.”  1 Corinthians 15:24-25

“By this I know that You are well pleased with me, because my enemy does not triumph over me.” Psalm 41:11

“Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honour and glory forever and ever.  Amen.”  1 Timothy 1:17

“KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.”  Revelation 19:16