When we are weak and ask for help

And although our pride loathes same;

It is necessary for us to remove our defence

And to strip all pretences and games.

When we are weak we are strong

When we cry out to the Lord;

As He unburdens our troubled soul

And refreshes us with His word.

The ‘weak’ have had a revelation

That there’s something bigger than us,

And that we’re ultimately not in control

And merely a speck of dust.

People of faith are labelled as weak

But they’re strong in the spiritual realm;

Fighting the battle between light and darkness

Overcoming and not overwhelmed.

God uses the weak to confound the wise

To reveal His ultimate strength;

So that all glory and honour belong to Him

When we humble ourselves and repent.

To be lovingly gentle and kind

Is not a sign of weakness,

But rather a virtue and a strength within

That exhibits humility and meekness.

There is much strength in humility

As God exalts the humble,

And humbles the exalted indeed

When for their own sake makes them stumble.

Because the proud believe they’re always strong

And for no need of a Savior;

It is exhibited in their attitudes

And ultimately in their behaviour.

God has amazing ways

Of humbling the proud indeed,

And all lofty and all haughty thoughts

When deception the mind will feed.

God gently lifts the wounded soul

And will pour love and hope within;

When we cry out for His assistance

And repent of all our sin.

(C) P.B. 2020

Isaiah 40:29

Proverbs 16:18

1 Peter 5:5

1 Corinthians 1:27-29