When someone has authority

They have the moral or legal right…

To control through opinion and to adjudicate

As issues come to light.

When someone is authoritative

It has the ability to lead and inspire;

When wisdom is used to settle disputes

With respectable traits to admire.

But when authority is abused

It leads to monumental oppression;

When the power to enforce laws

Is based on a party’s discretion.

When a leader is authoritarian

And leads with an iron fist;

It leads to depression and much oppression

Where intimidation is on the list.

Jesus used proper authority

When His wisdom exposed all their lies;

As He settled the issues authoritatively

So confusion would not arise.

Proper authority keeps us safe

As it looks out for our own good,

By caring leaders without selfish gain

And when it’s properly understood.

We should pray for our leaders

As we’re commanded to do same,

And hope they will lead with godly discretion

And to not play their political games.

(C) P.B. 2020

Romans 13:3

1 Timothy 2:1-2

Matthew 28:18