It’s in the beauty of simplicity

That our heart can truly see…

It’s when we trust that Almighty God

Has created everything that’s come to be.

It’s that gentle touch and the lovely smile

That can fill a heart with joy;

It’s the sweet voice that truly cares

With simple treasures we enjoy.

It’s the genuine love that one shows

Where faithfulness is present;

Where amidst the storms and every trouble

Their words are sincerely pleasant.

There’s beauty in simplicity

It’s in the aroma of a flower;

In the wonder of a majestic tree

That demonstrates God’s almighty power.

A simple heart does not indicate

That the mind is simple indeed;

Since the heart that desires purity

Are the type of thoughts the mind should feed.

God’s beauty has a simplicity

Although it’s majestic in nature;

He will lead our soul to peaceful ways

And amidst the greener pastures.

Life can become burdensome

When we tend to complicate,

But simplicity is the key

When we stop to think and meditate.

The simplicity of the rugged cross

Revealed a deeper need for mankind;

Where Christ was crucified on our behalf

To leave our sinful past behind.

(C) P.B. 2020

2 Corinthians 11:3

Psalm 19:7

Psalm 23:2